23 International Choral Festival CRO PATRIA 2019/ Competition for new choral compositions


CRO PATRIA is a unique project on a global scale, which promotes choral singing and contemporary choral works, organized by Glazbena mladež Split.

It is an international project in which choirs, composers, poets, members of prize-awarding committee from Croatia and other countries take part. This programme tries to encourage contemporary, artistic valuable creativity in music and poetry, so each segment has special prizes and medallions – work of Croatian academic artists.

The festival is supported by: The President of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Culture, Split-Dalmatia County, City of Split, Tourist Board of Split and Croatian composers’ society.


We invite composers to apply to international competition for the new choral compositions in 23 International Choral Festival CRO PATRIA 2019. Applications will be accepted until 15 March, 2019. The competition is open to choral compositions unaccompanied by the music for mixed, male, female and children’s choir written in any language, with the maximum duration of 5 minutes. Application is free.


  • The competition is open to all composers, regardless their age and nationality, former applicants and rewarded composers.
  • Each composer may submit up to 3 compositions.
  • The musical score must have name and surname of the author of the text.
  • It is necessary to send translation in Croatian or English for all lyrics which aren’t written in Croatian, English or Latin.
  • Application must contain 3 copies of the written text of the song.
  • The authors vouch for the originality of the composition.
  • The score sent for the competition will not be returned.
  • Composers can suggest the choir to perform their composition.
  • When they send their works to the competition, the authors transfer the right to the organizer to publish the chosen compositions, to record them on CDs and make videos, to transmit them via radio and television and to transfer these rights to the third parties. All other rights are preserved by the authors.


  • Each musical score must be marked with a code of seven characters.
  • The same code must be written on a separate closed envelope which contains the information about and the contact of the composer.
  • The envelope must also contain the composer’s statement that the applied composition hasn’t been published or rewarded in any other competition.
  • The composers have to send their compositions (written in Sibelius 6 or 7 or any other similar program) together with the closed envelope – as stated above – to the address:

         Glazbena mladež Split

         Zagrebačka 23

         21000 Split

         specifying: DO NOT OPEN – 23 CRO PATRIA – new compositions


Compositions will be judged by an international prize-awarding committee. The decision of the committee is final and it cannot be appealed. Judging is divided into two phases.

In the first phase the committee will decide which compositions will perform in 23 International Choral Festival CRO PATRIA 2019. The organizer will inform the author about the acceptance of the composition until 1 May 2019. The author guarantees that, by the end of the Festival CRO PATRIA 2019, applied and by the committee chosen composition will not be performed in public.

In the second phase of the competition the prize-awarding committee will award three best compositions.

The awards are:

  1. gold medallion Canticum novum,
  2. silver medallion Canticum novum,
  3. bronze medallion Canticum novum.

The author of the winning composition (composition awarded with gold medallion Canticum novum) will be also awarded with the money reward of 500€ and will be invited into prize-awarding committee of the tender for new choral compositions of the next year’s Festival.

Prize-awarding committee can assign special awards for:

  • Best new composition by young composer (composer born after 1989). The award does not include money reward.
    Croatian Writers’ Association can award the medallion Sanctus Anastasius for the best verses of contemporary poets. Verses published before 2012, traditional verses as well as verses not written in Croatian are not taken into consideration for the award.

Organizer will do the best to arrange performance of each composition chosen in the first phase of the competition. Sending an application and taking part in competition implies accepting these terms.

Glazbena mladež Split

Zagrebačka 23

21000 Split
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+385 (0)21 482 400


Host festival - City Split

Host festival is the city Split, the second largest city in Croatia. The city center of Split is the old Diocletian's palace from the 4th century AD (under UNESCO’s protection since 1979), which makes it a unique example in the world. Split is an important Croatian, Mediterranean cultural center, second largest university center in Croatia and after Zagreb has the highest number of diplomatic, consular or representative offices of international organizations in Croatia.


Why visit Split

Natural Beauty
Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved parts of Europe. Croatia is blessed with outstanding natural beauty and it is a real pearl of the Balkan Peninsula with numerous historical parks and protected nature and national parks. In terms of geography alone, Split stands out. The unique combination of rolling hills, the ocean, forests, and a great climate make it a true gem in the European crown.