CANTICUM NOVUM (for new compositions)

The award made by the Expert Council of the Croatian Composers' Society

  • GOLD        Vlado Sunko: Majka
  • SILVER     Blaženko Juračić: Ave maris stella
  • BRONZE    Branko Okmaca: Jutarnja molitva

KATEDRALA (for the performance of new compositions)
The award made by the Expert Council of Jeunesses Musicales Split

  • GOLD       Mješoviti zbor Umjetničke akademije Sveučilišta u Splitu   
    Conductor: Vlado SUNKO
  • SILVER    Mješoviti zbor  Glazbene škole Požega
    Conductor: Branka HORVAT
  • BRONZE   Akademski mješoviti zbor Sveučilišta u Splitu Vox Animae
    Conductor: Tomislav VERŠIĆ

Audience Award

  • GOLD       Mješoviti zbor Sv. Barbare PANIS ANGELICUS - Zagreb
    Conductor: Branko STARC

Plaketa LJERKE NJERŠ, academic painter and ceramist Zagreb
for performance award of Croatian Composers' Society at the discretion of the JM Split jury

                             Mješoviti zbor Glazbene škole Požega
Conductor: Branka HORVAT

Special Award for outstanding and valuable merit in promoting choral singing among young people
prof. Josip VERŠIĆ
doyen of Croatian choral singing


Host festival - City Split

Host festival is the city Split, the second largest city in Croatia. The city center of Split is the old Diocletian's palace from the 4th century AD (under UNESCO’s protection since 1979), which makes it a unique example in the world. Split is an important Croatian, Mediterranean cultural center, second largest university center in Croatia and after Zagreb has the highest number of diplomatic, consular or representative offices of international organizations in Croatia.


Why visit Split

Natural Beauty
Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved parts of Europe. Croatia is blessed with outstanding natural beauty and it is a real pearl of the Balkan Peninsula with numerous historical parks and protected nature and national parks. In terms of geography alone, Split stands out. The unique combination of rolling hills, the ocean, forests, and a great climate make it a true gem in the European crown.